WILLIAM C. WASHINGTON, PC Professional Counselor

Assisting individuals in bringing their strengths to the surface, William’s passion is assisting client’s in establishing lasting happiness. By regaining personal strength and self-confidence, William believes his clients can reclaim healthy control in their life. With an extensive background in the sciences, William understands the importance of the natural process of life. 

“I believe that all walks of life are unique, and your story will bring the truth that you are seeking. I am passionate about being passionate, and believe in the power of positive energy. Regardless of differences, I believe that everyday all people are a testament to change.” 

The attitude William takes in approaching counseling is a philosophical one. His patience, humility and compassion allows his clients to challenge the "hand that has been dealt," and allow them to change their perspective. With a background in residential facilities, community based services, and working with at-risk youth, he can work with a wide range of individuals and diagnoses. Music has also played an integral role in William's life, as he professionally plays over ten instruments across the world. As such, William has the ability to connect with people of all walks of life and allow a high level of comfort and ease.  

EDUCATION Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling from John Carroll University