Step one

Call the behavioral or mental health number listed on the back of your insurance card.

Confirm that the mental health coverage is offered directly through the insurance company listed on your insurance card, and not through a subsidiary insurance company. If you find it is through another company, collect that companies contact information (including contact phone number, address, etc.) to ensure appropriate billing.

  1. Ensure that our office is listed by your plan as an in-network provider (use NPI number, 1326315227). This visit is considered an outpatient session for mental health in an office setting that is submitted on a professional claim.  

  2. Ask whether or not you will owe a copayment, or whether or not you have a deductible plan. If they require procedure codes, please use the following 90791, 90837, and 90834.

  3. Find out if they require a biological diagnostic code or accept any diagnostic codes.

  4. Finally, ask if you need a physicians referral or an authorization code in order to begin utilizing services.

Having trouble understanding all the terminology? Want to find out if our office is paneled with your insurance? Click the box below to find out more!

Step Two

Once you have the above mentioned information, please click below to fill out our new patient documents through our client portal. It is helpful to have your insurance card out when filling this out, and the process should only take you 5-10 minutes. 

Also, given our office's wide array of clinicians, we recommend that you take a moment to learn more about our clinician's through their bios on our website. This way you can decide prior to calling whether or not you would prefer requesting an appointment with someone specific.

Click on the client portal to schedule an appointment now.

Step Three

In an attempt to expedite the initial intake process, but also allow you to fully utilize your time with your clinician, we appreciate your filling out and signing the following documents prior to your appointment.

  1. Consent for Treatment

  2. Notice of Privacy

  3. Privacy Practices

  4. Discussion of Care

  5. Cancellation Policy

  6. Credit Card Authorization Form

  7. Consent for Minor

Parents/Legal Guardians, please note the following: If the minor's mother and father are not together, or the child is not in either parent's custody, we will need a copy of the most current time-stamped Court order indicating the Court's guidelines for the child's medical treatment. Please bring this to the initial session as we cannot begin counseling without it.

Step Four

Upon arrival we will need to scan your driver's license/state ID, your insurance card, and the credit card you plan to keep on file.