KATIE D'FANTIS, PC I Licensed Professional Counselor I Music Therapist

Even though as a child Katie knew that she was going to work in a helping profession, it wasn’t until she worked for six years as a music therapist with at-risk children and teens that she knew her calling was to work as a counselor. During her time with the children, both individually and in group settings, Katie felt both humbled when listening to their life stories, challenges, and stressors, and ignited in terms of offering any assistance possible. Relying on her compassion and genuine interest in her clients, Katie believes that developing a relationship rooted in trust and honesty is the most important aspect of the counseling process. Both by listening to her clients with an open mind, as well as assisting in developing a genuine understanding of themselves, Katie believes her ability to connect with others is perhaps her strongest asset as a counselor.

“I am skilled at meeting my clients where they are at. My meticulous nature motivates me to find the treatment that best fits my client’s goals and builds on their strengths.”

Katie feels that skill development in counseling is also essential. Not only by building on her client’s current strengths, but also learning new skills that fit their needs. Katie utilizes her time with clients using variety of interventions and techniques to help them manage life’s struggles more easily and effectively. Katie’s end counseling result is to promote her client’s overall emotional health. Katie also relies on her education in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) as well as her skills as a board certified music therapist to give her clients a truly unique experience every session. 

EDUCATION I Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Cleveland State University