CASSANDRA ABBOTT, PCC-S | Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Like many of our clinicians, Cassie has an understanding and empathy for the intense emotions we all experience which can be positive and motivating, or negative and debilitating. With this knowledge she developed a passion and interest in understanding interpersonal relationships and how societal expectations impact our lives. This passion evolved into a desire to help others live a healthier more balanced life. 

Cassie takes a holistic approach; incorporating ideas about stress management, sleep, nutrition and physical activity to support emotional well-being. More specifically she uses a variety of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) techniques, Family Family Systems perspective as well as Mindfulness to help others gain a healthier outlook on life and to manage symptoms that cause distress. 

She provides a calm and secure space for expression of all thoughts and emotion, with the belief that everyone has the capacity for change. Her goal is to make her clients feel safe so they can speak their truth and find motivation to change in ways that will bring them peace and the self assurance to meet their goals.


EDUCATION | Master of Education in Clinical Counseling from Cleveland State