Specialty Room Testimonial

As many of you may be aware, moving the specialty room from the concept phase to a fully-functional one has been a labor (or labor of love) for our office. The good news is, as of February 1st, we have been booking all or some of the equipment - as the room is complete! Over the past week and a half, we have had quite a few individuals book and utilize our equipment, and their feedback has been fantastic! A great blogger, photographer, and graphic designer - Heidi Rolf - gave our specialty room experience an amazing testimonial on her blog this week as well:

Balanced Living started out as exclusively counseling services which they still offer, but they moved to a bigger space and now have group meditation/tai chi/yoga classes, reiki, and the specialty room which includes a hyperbaric chamber, sensory deprivation tank and far infrared sauna. It’s essentially a place where you can relax, detox, restore, and strengthen your body and mind—in other words, it’s the full wellness experience. Upon arrival to the building its in you’re inclined to feel skeptical, it’s a pretty corporate looking building, how could this contain the experience of a mini retreat? Then you realize it’s on the lower level..a wellness center in a basement? How? But the second you walk in the door your senses are assailed by a soothing environment, the sound of water, ambient music and a cozy yet breezy sitting room. Bridget then gave us a tour of the new space with beautiful hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows with a view to the surrounding foliage that will be beautiful come spring, but offered a serene environment complimented by the falling snow. The space for classes itself has windows on two walls with large mirrors reflecting their views, I can’t wait to take a yoga class here:

TBLC Studio

But we had come for the specialty room, last time I visited it wasn’t quite done and I was excited to see how much it had transformed. The sensory deprivation tank is more so a tub built into a wall with a glass door. Before entering the tank there’s a beautiful shower stocked with all natural shampoo/conditioner/shower gel. I know it’s weird to call a shower beautiful, but the tiling really is amazing and the water pressure was perfect. It was a great way to start off the experience. Rather than describe how everything looks here’s some photos:

As you can see, not as scary as it sounds. I started my experience with a shower and then entered the sensory deprivation tank in a swim suit (hygiene). The point of the tank is to be submerged in body temperature water so that you feel as though you are floating. Once the music fades out and lights dim you are submerged into an experience cutting you off from the outside world. As you float in the epson salt water (1000lbs of salt) your mind slowly relaxes and will eventually enter a state that feels like right before waking or falling asleep, where you might notice your mind racing with thoughts you can’t separate dreams from reality (theta state). In this context it can be a creative burst where you’ll find you’re able to problem solve more effectively. Before getting in I put in earplugs and decided to wear goggles because I am a total face toucher and you do not want to get that salt in your eyes. Upon sitting in the water my legs instantly bounced up, it’s hard to believe you’ll float until it becomes very obvious, you are GOING to float. I am incredibly sore from my recent yoga endeavors and taking all the stress off my joints felt amazing. I was jittery though, as my research had predicted. It’s HARD to be cut off from the outside world, where I’m constantly checking email/texts and always looking at a screen. I felt restless not knowing what time it was but eventually used some of my self hypnosis practices to calm my mind and relax. I think this is such an important part of the room; we all need time where we are cut off from everything and can focus on our breathing and bodies, allowing our minds to rest & flow organically. I can’t wait to try it out again as I know reaching the theta state will take practice. I followed it up with another shower to wash all the salt off and waited for Aaron to vacate the chamber. He clambered out with a rosy glow looking totally refreshed and buoyant.

TBLC Sensory Deprivation Tank

Normally a person would experience this room alone but since we came together we decided we would do the sauna at the same time. 150 degrees for 30 minutes, hot as balls. But the infrared sauna heats you from your core so it never felt unbearable, which I thought it would as I normally can’t last more than 5 minutes. I think the clear glass door with a view to the outside was extremely helpful. As I noted before, I sweat a lot so..yeah it got a little gross but in a very satisfying way. I loved the visual of toxins leaving my body and the heat was soothing on my sore muscles. Ended this with yet another, this time cool shower, and got cozied up for the chamber.

TBLC Sauna

The hyperbaric chamber pumps out 3x the usual amount of oxygen which as a number of benefits depending on you ailments. It can help with jet lag, arthritis, boost collagen, joint pain, etc. really anything you’d imagine some extra oxygen would help with. Of the three pieces I think people might struggle the most with this one in terms of feeling claustrophobic if they’re prone to that but it was 3-4 feet in diameter I’d guess and 7 feet long (that’s what she said..if she was a giant), very roomy. I’d equate the experience to being inside of a narrow tent. You get zipped in but can unzip at anytime which made me feel good about it, you’re lying on a sleeping pad and Aaron and I brought a pillow with us + headphones/kindles/phones. You could even watch a show in there. Plus it’s so good for you, you feel completely restored maybe 40 minutes or so following. It was a nice way to end the session and Bridget said we both looked totally relaxed and also said my skin looked amazing, I agreed. All in all, total success. I talked my uber driver’s ear off for the next 45 minutes back to Akron, so I’d say the hyperbaric chamber definitely energized me as well, plus I just wrote this long ass blog close to midnight.

TBLC Hyperbaric Chamber

Thank you so much, Heidi, for your well-written and highly description testimonial. I trust this will help many individuals go from considering the equipment, to booking and finding the host of benefits they each will offer. If you would like to book one or all of the equipment, please go to MindBodyConnect or call our office at 440-941-0425. 

We look forward to serving you soon!