The move is over, the construction is done, the launch party has landed, and test runs on specialty room equipment have begun.  It's slowly starting to sink in that we no longer have to move, we just have to settle in and make it home. 

The excitement of the move took a lot of energy and focus, but pressure builds diamonds and this new office is a beauty and well-worth the effort.  We want to welcome you to our first ever yoga class - only possible thanks to expanding into a location with studio space.  Hit the mats with us surrounded by positive energy and nature!

Yoga has the benefit of being part of a beautifully dichotomous relationship between difficult while still relaxing.  What better way to push the limits of your body and mind than in a judgement free zone, catered to all levels of yoga prowess.  Whether your skills are negligent or well honed, instructor Mark Kaplafka is prepared to create an environment of healthy support and self-motivation. 

Wednesday, February 3rd from 8-9:15pm, we'd love to see you join us!  Sign up on the MindBody Connect app, or by putting this link in your browser's search bar: