Home at Last

We made it!

As many of you are aware, for months now we've been (mostly) patiently awaiting our transition into our new office suite, located on the lower level of Interstate Office Plaza, Suite 90.  Well we can now, thankfully, announce that it has finally happened!

In our new suite we are still offering clients counseling sessions - but with more availability due to the addition of a new counseling office. We have gained a studio space that we will utilize with yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi classes - as well as wellness workshops and group therapy.  Last, but certainly not least, we are excited to offer our specialty room - which includes a flotation tank, a far-infrared sauna, and a hyperbaric chamber.

We hope our move, the additional space, and many improvements will help our clients maximize their wellness experience. More specifically, our goal for the new services and equipment is to aid our clients in their journey to de-stress, detox, and restore themselves.  

Many of your questions on our new services, clinicians, and pieces of equipment may be answered through our new website. But, before jumping right in, allow us to show you firsthand what we've done!  All are invited to stop by our Launch Party, January 9th from 12 noon until 5 pm.  Food and drinks will be provided, check social media accounts or inspect our new website for more details on special opportunities being offered on site. 

We can't wait to see you!