Basic Meditation Class

Are you are stressed out, anxious, and/or overthinking things; are you are depressed and/or worried; do you want to change, but don’t know how; have you have ever been interested in meditation? If you answered yes to any of these, then this basic meditation class is for you!

In this all-levels meditation class, you’ll develop an understanding of the basics of meditation along with some tips on how to deepen your current meditation practice. You’ll be guided through clarity of mind to find tools to help you better manage stress, anxiety and the challenges of life.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn some breathing exercises as well as some gentle yoga poses to support your natural ability to heal, let go and relax. Throughout this class, you’ll find yourself developing the tools to heal past emotional injuries while you settle into the comfort and peace that meditation can offer. If you are interested in trying the class out – the drop-in rate is $20 – you can sign up on MindBody Connect App or here.

This class is taught by Mark Kaplafka, who studied meditation under his mentor, Linda Stein Luthke; through The Cleveland Buddhist Temple; and through his own study and exploration. Mark is also became a yoga instructor from Nishkama Yoga Studio in Independence, Ohio, holding is 200 CYT certification from Yoga Alliance.