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ANDREW TARR, PCC | Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Andy has had a passion for social justice and reform since he was young, and as such, not only believes that we are all connected but that compassion is necessary for growth and sustainability. Through his master’s program, he expounded on his beliefs by learning the importance of social advocacy and advocating for those who don’t feel like they have a voice.

His work at The Centers for Families and Children allowed him the ability to work with a wide range of individuals, helping them find their own voice. By believing in the critical importance of building a strong therapeutic relationship, Andy takes the time to truly know and understand his client’s. His person-centered approach aids in his ability to listen empathetically, validate his client’s, and offer them alternative perspectives.

“Through introspection and active acceptance, we have the potential to confront our past and present struggles and learn how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. By challenging faulty thinking patterns and addressing our core emotions and behaviors, I believe that we can relieve inner suffering and lead a more balanced and enriched life.”

By drawing from his clinician experiences, Andy uses multiple schools of thought and incorporates many different types of techniques in his sessions. His goal is to assist his clients to identify and development their skills, which will allow them the ability to overcome their obstacles. Andy also has a strong passion for music and enjoys utilizing music as an intervention in his sessions. While he enjoys working with individuals from all different walks of life, his passion is working with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma.

EDUCATION | Master of Arts in Counseling specializing in Forensic Psychology