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AMANDA WOODCOCK, PC I Licensed Professional Counselor 

Through her experience counseling individuals of all ages, families, and multiple group facilitations at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Cleveland State Counseling and Academic Success Clinic, and Bellefaire JCB, Amanda found the importance of building a strong relationship with her clients.

Amanda strives to create a supportive, nurturing, and genuine environment in therapy. She believes building trust and rapport with her clients is paramount in therapy. By assisting her clients in seeing their full potential and guiding them in their ability to identify their strengths and positive qualities, Amanda allows her client’s the space to process the parts of life that feel most difficult.

“I believe an enormous amount of time and energy can be spent trying to push down feelings, thoughts and experiences that are difficult for us to process. Trying to disconnect from these can be emotionally and physically draining. I also believe that no feeling is final. The key is finding balance in our lives.”

As a present-centered, trauma-informed therapist, Amanda not only believes in the importance of meeting clients where they are at, but also in skill development. She advocates for self-care, connecting to the present moment, and creating balance. As such, she utilizes an integrated approach to counseling, incorporating different techniques and interventions deepening on the client’s individual needs. Amanda’s passion is in working with survivors of sexual abuse and other trauma.

EDUCATION I Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Cleveland State University