YVETTE GIVAND, LISW-S I Licensed Supervising Independent Social Worker

As a child Yvette observed the challenge’s her family dealt with both socially and economically. It was through these experiences where she realized her desire to assist individuals and families with social services and mental health counseling. Through her personal and professional experiences of serving at risk and marginalized individuals and groups, Yvette was able to recognize human potential and worth which helped shape and inform her approach to providing clinical mental health services. 

Yvette feels the counselor role is key and allows her the ability to positively guide the expectations of her clients and establish healthy communication and relationship building. By employing an integrated method approach, Yvette aims to help her clients develop more healthy coping tools to manage life stressors and create positive outlooks and outcomes. She feels as though her counseling skills are enhanced by her ability to authentically connect with individuals to help them develop trust and confidence in the therapeutic process. 

“Relationships are important to the quality of our lives. One of the strongest indicators of the degree of the quality of our relationships with others is the quality of our relationship with ourselves. Helping individuals to enjoy their authentic self and enjoy people, environments, and experiences is an awesome privilege as a counselor.”   

By providing effective interventions to children and adolescents, to help them develop healthy emotional-social competency skills, and to address their individual life stressors, is what motivates Yvette as a therapist. She also enjoys helping families discover ways to heal pass their pain and build strong relationships. Her passion is in working with children with self-regulation issues, teens with mood disorders, families in crisis, or individuals with traumatic experiences.

EDUCATION I Master of Social Work, Ohio State University